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Hello guys, i'll share you free eBook about "ASP.NET Core and Angular 2" by "Valerio De Sanctis" . About the revi...

Hello guys, i'll share you free eBook about "ASP.NET Core and Angular 2" by "Valerio De Sanctis".

About the reviewers:

Vincent Maverick Durano works as a Technical Lead Developer in a research and development company, focusing mainly on web and mobile technologies. His exploration into programming began at the age of 15; Turbo PASCAL, C, C++, JAVA, VB6, Action Scripts and a variety of other equally obscure acronyms, mainly as a hobby. After several detours, he is now on the VB.NET to C# channel. He now works on ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL, EF, LINQ, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, HTML5, and CSS which go together like coffee crumble ice cream. He's an eight-time Microsoft MVP, two-time C# Corner MVP, Microsoft Influencer, Dzone MVB, and a regular contributor at in which he also moderate, CodeProject, C# Corner, AspSnippets, and Xamarin but more often at the
official Microsoft ASP.NET community site where he became one of the All-Time Top Answerer with ALL-STAR recognition level (the highest attainable level with 100,000+ points). He authored a few e-books for C# Corner: GridView Control Pocket Guide, ASP.NET MVC5: Beginner’s Guide and is now working on a new e-book entitled ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 Code Venture. He runs a blog at http://proudmonkey.azurewebsites .net/ and created a few open-source projects that is hosted in Codeplex and GitHub.

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ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 -

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